Digital Pioneers:
How a D-Rated District Led the Nation in OER Adoption

Personalized learning + OER tips that show how to:
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  • check_box Increase Parent Involvement
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Close the Skills Gap

Fishtree helps organizations effortlessly align learning content to role-based competencies and then tailor it to skills gaps.

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Automated Alignment & Curation

Instantly align learning content to role-based competencies through our proprietary automated resource engine.

Automated Alignment and Curation

Course Development and Refinement of Existing Content

Course Development and Refinement

Create a course from scratch within minutes or rapidly upload and refine existing content, including fully customizable assessments.

Real-time Insights into Skills Gaps

Easily measure mastery of department and organizational competencies while gaining real-time insights into what is working and what isn't.

Real-time Insights into Skills Gaps

Scalable Adaptive Learning

Scalable Adaptive Learning

Empower employees to progress at their own pace through a platform that instantly adapts learning and content to individual knowledge gaps.

Key Features

Drag and drop authoring
Drag and Drop Editor
Resource Generator
Analytics and Insights
Employee Collaboration
Messages and Notifications

Meet Every Employee's Needs

The easiest way to close the skills gap within your organization.